Rosmunda’s Ideas

Rosmunda’s Ideas open the way to the new world of Henqueen where exceptional materials and artisanal know-how are the new raison d’être of true luxury.


The style of HENQUEEN according to Gabriele Varuzza

Henqueen style seems to imitate the great stylists of artistic furniture from past eras, but when we look carefully, what is in front of us is something that goes far beyond a reinterpretation. Gabriele Varuzza​, a designer with Venetian origins and profound knowledge of the Asolo culture, invents a story every day. He dips into the past on a hunt for clues of all types, creating a dialogue with mythical characters, jotting down phrases and sketching to then come back to the surface with a very precise idea that he designs soon thereafter. He is like an ageless cavalier and he loves good taste and furniture style as much as materials and processing techniques. If we compare Henqueen to writing, it is more similar to a novel than to a simple furniture brochure. Henqueen cannot be recounted with images alone because it would not be understood properly. What is seen is commendable and exhaustive, but what is read between the lines is nothing less than thrilling. There is a dialogue, a story, a fairy tale nestled within the noble woods and broad strokes of beeswax that we see and touch. The story, or fairy tale, tells of the cavalier stylist and author who modernised The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg, the most fascinating story ever written in the Italian town of hand-crafted furniture, Asolo.

Italian Design

Henqueen Luxury Details

Adelaide’ ideas

Interior design with exceptional artisanal and artistic value owing to attention to detail, this collection has become the inspiration for a decidedly sophisticated “New Vintage”

Henqueen Luxury Details

Tassia’s ideas

This collection is a revival of more traditional home environments where daily life is rediscovered from an entirely new point of view.

Henqueen is the pure essence of luxury furniture where Italian handicrafts meet today’s most fascinating stylistic tendencies, reinterpreting them through new lines and intense personalisation, without jeopardising their iconic status. Similarly, the prestigious woods – ranging from premium European cherry wood to walnut and solid oak – interface perfectly with the highest quality manufacturing processes that employ real wood studs and natural glue, dovetail techniques and, when necessary, exclusively cast bronze hardware. However, the design and production of Henqueen furniture goes far beyond these aspects, which are in and of themselves fundamental pillars that result in high-quality products. Like an artist from bygone days who painted canvases to tell about a heroic or ordinary life story, our artisans schooled in the Asolo tradition after many years of experience and research, have reached a level of finishing furniture that is closer to Art than to Design, and their masterpieces act more like sculpture than simple furnishings At the end of this long construction process, the shellac and beeswax is brushed onto all of the visible surfaces by hand, enabling the prized essence of the wood to dialogue in perfect harmony with the one-of-a-kind artistic decoration. Yet, luxury is not true luxury if it doesn’t last over time. Henqueen does not apply all of this state-of-the-art care to its furniture for aesthetic purposes alone, Yet, luxury is not true luxury if it doesn’t last over time. Henqueen does not apply all of this state-of-the-art care to its furniture for aesthetic purposes alone,but also to make the pieces nearly immortal, just like the best fairy tale of all time, The Goose that Laid a Golden Egg.

The History of an Artisanal Italian Factory

Henqueen is the Luxury Brand of Gallina Mobili, a Company that has always focussed on unique, prestigious furnishings based on a vibrant iconography that falls somewhere between “New Baroque” and “New Elegant Country”, as well as the contemporary “Modern Inspiration” collection. Henqueen is the Goose of the Golden Egg in that every piece is made entirely by hand and is unique, regal, prized and unmistakeably created in the town where one of Italy’s greatest sculptors lived, Antonio Canova

Lifestyle with Henqueen Design

Every moment of the day is precious and unrepeatable. The lights, surfaces and aromas found in every corner of the place we call home become our memories and our lifestyle. Similar to our skin, the surfaces of our home tell about who we are, what we are looking for and what we dream of. The rest is just a clashing poem that has nothing to do with us. Henqueen responds to this life prerogative by creating a world made of love and mystery, elegance and uniqueness.

Lifestyle with Henqueen Design

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