Regal and Contemporary: from Asolo to the World

Henqueen is the Luxury Brand of Gallina Mobili, a Company that has always focussed on unique, prestigious furnishings based on a vibrant iconography that falls somewhere between “New Baroque” and “New Elegant Country”, as well as the contemporary “Modern Inspiration” collection. Henqueen is the Goose of the Golden Egg in that every piece is made entirely by hand and is unique, regal, prized and unmistakeably created in the town where one of Italy’s greatest sculptors lived, Antonio Canova. We’ve always wondered what Canova would have been if he could have used materials other then what was already known as noble, marble, like gold for example, applying other processing technologies and other forms of beauty. With this approach, we have always taken inspiration by recreating and rethinking the great styles of the past, from the 1700s, 1800s and 1900s. We reinterpret these styles with modern materials, innovative technologies and original forms of beauty to arrive at something new.